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Salon and wellness suites
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"Welcome to Cher Suites Company, a dynamic addition to downtown Angier's vibrant landscape! Founded by Cher Levert, our establishment breathes new life into a renovated building, meticulously transformed into a haven for beauty and wellness professionals seeking to flourish in their own businesses.

Nestled in the heart of Angier, Cher Suites offers a unique concept – a collection of meticulously crafted salon and wellness suites, designed to empower independent beauty and wellness practitioners. Our space serves as a launchpad for professionals dedicated to their craft, providing them with the platform to thrive in an environment tailored for success.

Distinguished by its historic charm and modern sophistication, our establishment embraces the essence of community and entrepreneurship. The suites within our premises cater to a variety of beauty and wellness services, as hair stylists, massage and wellness therapist, esthetician, nail tech and chiropractic.

We celebrate diversity in beauty and wellness services, offering clients a multifaceted experience tailored to their unique preferences. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with the dedication of our professionals, ensures a personalized and rejuvenating experience for every visitor.

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91 S. Broad St E., Angier, NC
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