Mama’s House of Thrift (MHOT)

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Mama’s House of Thrift (MHOT)
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Mama’s House is here to help local families that are in need of food and clothing, through proceeds from charitable donations and contributions.
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Helping Local Families In Need
Our mission statement: Mama’s House is here to help local families that are in need of food and clothing, through proceeds from charitable donations and contributions.

How did this get started: I will share with you a bit of my life. This is very personal and close to my heart. My name is Janette Rod. As a child I suffered with hunger on a daily basis, to a point that I was eating from the garbage or “dumpster diving” as they call it, starting from the age of 6. Born and raised here in the US. I only state this because us Americans do have a problem with hunger and poverty right here in our homeland and many do not seem to know this. I was raised very poor by a single mother and grandmother, who struggled greatly to make ends meet. As for my toys, I only had a few and they were mostly from the garbage or thrown out items. If I was lucky I would get a damaged or used one for Christmas which wouldn’t last long. When I went skating, I was the only kid skating with only one skate on which had come from the garbage. My clothes were all of different sizes and from different eras as well as my shoes which ranged from a size 5 to 9.5, which I stuffed them with paper to make them fit. When snow days came, I wrapped my feet in newspaper to keep them warm because I had no socks and my boots had holes on the bottom. I slept on the floor many nights and piled clothes on myself because I had no blankets and no heater. Needless to say life was hard. But these were lessons learned and now I would like to give back to our community to help those that are going through tough times as I personally endured. Thanks to the food banks in the past and the missions that gave out those clothes, I had food to eat and clothes to wear while I was growing up. On those evenings, when there was only one can of corn for dinner, I was thankful. Thankful not to have to eat from the garbage for that day. I understand and know what it is like to go to sleep hungry and cold. I know what it is like to be picked on at school for not having matching or having torn clothes or big shoes that don’t fit right. I know how terrible it feels when Thanksgiving comes around and everyone is eating turkey with bountiful dinners and you and your family have nothing to eat. I know what it is like in Christmas to not receive any toys or presents. It hurts and scars deeply as a child. It lives within you as an adult forever. This is the reason I want to help make a difference. This is the reason I have a vision for helping others that have young children that are struggling the same. I am asking you to help Mama’s House grow, so we can help, feed and clothes as many families as we can. This is a charity that you will see in action first hand. You will see the families picking up the food directly from Mama’s House. You will see the families receiving free clothes. You will see first hand how your donations and charitable contributions will help here locally, where we need to focus, so we can all thrive and give better lives to those families and children. Every little bit helps. Thanks to good hearted strangers, those beautiful people that I will never know who they were that donated to those food banks and thrift missions which helped me and my family we made it through. So now, I would like to give back and help others the way I was helped. Help me, so together we can make this vision come through and make it a reality. This is who I am and what Mama’s House is about. Let’s make a difference in someone’s life.

Your contributions and donations go to helping local families in need by providing food, clothing and school supplies. As we continue to grow we will help employ people in our community also, we seek to help the elderly and disabled with job opportunities. But we can only make this possible with you. With every purchase and every donation, you are helping someone locally. Mama’s House is a nationally recognized 501(c) 3 Non-Profit charitable organization. Follow us on fb: .

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129 W. Cornelius Harnett Blvd, Lillington, NC
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