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Master Sam teaches Tae Kwon Do as the core of his program, supplemented heavily with the sister art of Hapkido. Hosinsul is also included in the program as a heavy focus.

Master Sam incorporates these three aspects of training with the belief that students should learn not only how to kick and punch, but how to develop a martial arts lifestyle that includes exercise, fun and camaraderie within the martial arts community, as well as improved confidence, concentration, and heightened awareness of surroundings in general.

Additionally his program emphasizes self responsibility, respect for others, development of fighting skills while learning skills for avoiding fights if at all possible, and the idea that development of martial art skill carries with it a historical responsibility to do something positive with that knowledge.

Anthem Church agreed to allow Master Sam the use of their facility so he could offer an affordable, community based program. Classes are held in a large open area of the church. They have bags, mats, and other equipment that we use in training. Anthem Church is located at 455 W. Depot St., Angier.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Home School families, Kids and Parents 3:00 to 4:00
Ages 7 thru 12 6:30 to 7:15
Ages 13 and up 7:30 to 8:30

There are also special classes announced throughout the year, including ladies, family, and special interest group self defense programs.

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44 North Broad Street East, Angier, NC
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