Chamber Membership Levels

The Angier Chamber of Commerce is financed primarily by the investment of its members. Any business firm, individual, association, corporation, partnership, or estate having an interest in the objectives of the Chamber is eligible to apply for membership.

Chamber Membership is advantageous to your business. Note the benefits listed separately on our Member Benefits page. Membership investments in the chamber are fully tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Chamber Memberships are priced at various levels. Review the following classifications to determine which Investment Schedule best applies to your business.

Associate Member (Individuals only) $55 Manufacturer or Industrial Services $305
Retailers, Merchants, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Grocers, Amusements, Transportation, Repair, Construction, Tax Preparation, Insurance, Computer Media, Communications, Agriculture Related Business,  and other services $150 Attorneys, Accountants, Health Care Provider (Medical Doctor, Dentist, Orthodontist, Ophthalmologist), Engineers, Consultants, Architects, and Stock Brokers $200
Hotels, Motels and Apartments $150 Banks, Savings and Loans, Finance Companies and Mortgage Companies $375
Non-Profit Organizations and Churches $75 Real Estate Agencies and Developers $225
Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, and Community Colleges $225 Educational and Vocational Institutions Primary, Elementary, Middle and High School $55
Utility Companies $450 Towns and Municipalities $300
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rest Homes and Retirement Homes $10/bed
$450 max.

** Incentive for owners of multiple businesses: You can enroll each business beyond the first business for just $75 each.

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