Just a few Reasons Why
Local Businesses Employ our Family, Friends and
Neighbors—The property taxes they pay and sales
taxes they collect provide resources for the county
government to pay their employees.
2—Economic Growth
It is estimated that of every $100 spent locally
70% stays in our local economy.
3—Quality Merchandise
Our local merchants offer top quality merchandise
and services at competitive prices.
4—Local Community Interest
Local merchants financially support local organizations,
churches, schools, festivals and events.
5—Save Money and Time
Save on Gas and Wear and Tear on your vehicle—
and save the most valuable commodity—your time!
6—Personal Service
Local merchants are friendly. They know their
customers because they are our neighbors.
Local purchases create local sales tax revenue to
benefit our citizens and keep our property taxes
down. Sales tax revenues are distributed by the
State by point of sale.
8—Better Choices
and a Growing Community
Shop local and watch your opportunities grow!
When our businesses here prosper, it makes our
community look more attractive to other businesses
and restaurants. Attracting more businesses, gives
you more choices , provides more jobs and makes
our economy stronger.
Paid for by the
Harnett County Chambers of Commerce
Angier, Coats, Dunn, Erwin, and Lillington


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